Zagato Volpe Price

The Zagato Volpe price may change depending on grade and equipped engine. As mentioned on the home page and section of engines, the Zagato Volpe sold with three main finishes: Goal, Graffio and Guru.

The cheapest version of Zagato Volpe is the Goal, which only has 5.5 HP and will be priced at € 7000. The following is the Zagato version Graffio Volpe, with one electric motor assisted combustion, with 11 hp, will go on sale for about 9000 €. And the higher version, the Guru will arrive at 16 hp and their price will be € 10000.

We must also assess all the optional equipment that allows equip, such as ABS brakes, stability control or GPS navigation system, among many others. All these would be added to the final price of the car, which should be reviewed as would interest us the final cost of Zagato Volpe could change a lot, because it is a model with a variety of perks that we can choose.

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Rudi el 31/05/2012:

When can i buy one?

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