Zagato Volpe Engine

The Zagato Volpe engine changes depending on the version you choose. The main difference is whether they are powered by an electric motor or combianan only two motors, one electric with another gas.

The engine is easy and equips electric only version known as Globe Volpe Zagato. This is a 5.5 hp engine and we can enjoy a range of up to 70 km, depending on the terrain that circulemos and unevenness. Its maximum speed is 48 km / h. It is therefore a version that should be used only for city driving.

The following finishing is the Graffio Goal and which allow a greater distance driving without refueling, about 380 kilometers, by equipping a combustion engine. In this case have a power of 11 hp and can reach 80 km / h.

Zagato Volpe Engine

The model with the most powerful engine for the Zagato Guru Volpe is the finish, with 16.3 hp and can reach 105 km / h, making it suitable for use on the road out smoothly. In this case, naturally, also combines with combustion electric motor.

As the combustion engine which is equipped with the electric generator is an electricity using fuel gas so as natural gas or methane. Its aim is to charge the batteries so that these offer greater autonomy in no case will help the internal combustion engine directly to the propulsion of coche.Descubre the price of the new Zagato Volpe as engines and finishes.

The price of Zagato Volpe may change depending on grade and equipped engine. As mentioned on the home page and section of engines, the Zagato Volpe sold with three main finishes: Goal, Graffio and Guru.

The cheapest version of Zagato Volpe is the Goal, which only has 5.5 HP and will be priced at € 7000. The following is the Zagato version Graffio Volpe, with one electric motor assisted combustion, with 11 hp, will go on sale for about 9000 €. And the higher version, the Guru will arrive at 16 hp and their price will be € 10000.

We must also assess all the optional equipment that allows equip, such as ABS brakes, stability control or GPS navigation system, among many others. All these would be added to the final price of the car, which should be reviewed as would interest us the final cost of Zagato Volpe could change a lot, because it is a model with a variety of perks that we can choose.

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