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To describe the new Zagato Volpe must compulsorily mention that his goal is to unseat the Twizy Renault, the French bid for electric car par excellence. However, the Italian Zagato proposes this new model. This is a car designed with the help of tencología Aston Martin, as I have worked in other models, but this time it is not as sporty version.

This car will appear in the market with two engines, a fully electric motor and a motor assisted a secondary combustion, which may feed on both petrol and natural gas or methane. The main advantage of this car, especially when compared with the Twizy, is that in this case is a model closer to other vehicles with four wheels, without coming to both the scooter. Keep in mind that the Volpe does equip windows, so you can also equip air conditioning, climate control and enjoy the functionality of a normal car.


Engines available

There are three engines available with different power and autonomy. First is the Globe finish with a single electric motor and 5.5 hp. The second is Graffio, with 11 CV of an electric motor assisted combustion and working together. The third is Guru, which provides 16.3 hp. Depending on the model, its maximum speed may be between 45 and 105 km / h.


Car dimensions and weight

When we talk about an electric car and to be used as utility, knowing their dimensions and weight becomes important for those who seek more information on this vehicle Italian. Its measurements are 2.2 meters long by 1 meter wide, with a height of 1.42 meters, smaller than the Renault Twizy. As for the weight we must emphasize that this car will be greater than the Twizy, it will reach 498 kg. Of these, 98 kg correspond to the weight of the battery which powers the electric motor, which is essential to give it greater autonomy.

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Zagato Volpe

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